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Mango Tree Bistrobar is a brand new Loft Style Restaurant with a deck out classic style blend with Modern Style Decoration that use glimmer light which is very gentle on the eyes, an open high ceiling, Airy , with an elegant chandelier lay across. But it's still maintained the sent of real Asia from a brickwork wall deco a courtly service for the visitor pleasant to be themselves and feel at ease every time they visit the restaurant. With in the restaurant, we have prepared a wide variety of service to cater the customer every needs from the corner of our lounge to the out door terrace and indulge in the beautiful lights of the metropolis the city that never sleep. From the evening to the late night Mango Tree Bistrobar offers a fabulous place at our sofa corner for you to chill out and celebrate special occasion with your special someone or you could choose the out door area in front of the restaurant as a meeting place or just simply hanging out with friends. Enjoy yourself with our wide selection of food, snacks and our main course with our various beverage selections from our special Mixes Cocktail, Alcohol Drinks, Beer, a tasty white and red wine selection. With live band playing all your favorites Thai and English song and we offer our customer jam session with the band or enjoy our Karaoke Service suitable for all young generation office workers. First open at Central world FL 7th and expand to Central Festival Pattaya to cater all gourmet lovers and everyone who love to have a good time.

he main attraction of Mango Tree Bristobar is The Original Thai Cuisine cooks delicately with raw-material and ingredient chosen to bring out the spicy flavor of Thai cuisine such as Ginger, Galangal, Lemongrass; Kaffir Lime Leaf to add an alternative flavors to the fusion food style. Answering to the customer seeking needs for a difference and diverse cuisine on the menu. The result of fusion food makes Mango Tree Bistrobar have many differences and diverse menu list weither it's Pla Meuk Tok Mun, Som Tum Pla Meuk Yang, Tom Yum Poo Nim, Phla Goong Wasabi, Hor Mok Souffle, Moo Lon Khrok, Po Teun, Pha Naeng Kra Dook Moo Orn, Yum Som O and the international menu to please the tourist such as Spaghetti Khee Mao Ta Lay, Spaghetti Pla Khem. The menu list will change constantly to offer customers new every time. We are preparing to indulge the entire customer who loves to drink with various selections of alcohol beverages from the creation of world class bartender ranking No.6 in the world. Along with good Thai Music Pop, Jazz, Reggae that start from 19.00 PM and open to any song request during the show or you can get on stage and sing your favorite song. Our other attractions which impress our customer are that we train our staff to serve with their hart, friendliness, and with to create a fun relaxing atmosphere for an ultimate pleasure of our customer.

Pround to present our menu

Food Recomended

  • image1

    Beef steak with northeastern thai sauce

  • Yum Wun Sen

    Spicy grass noodle with shrimp salad

  • Nua Poo Phad Phong Ka Ree

    Stir fried crab meat with yellow curry powder

  • image4

    Stir fried prawn with garlic

  • image5

    Deep fried sea bass fish with lemongrass,shallot,chilli and lime

  • image6

    Spicy curry with chicken

  • image7

    Stir fried beef with basil

  • image8

    Kale with salted fish fried rice

  • image9

    Stir fried mixed vegetable

  • image10

    Steamed sea bass with lemon,garlic and fresh chilli sauce

  • image11

    Thai omelette with minced pork

  • image12

    Stir fried noodle thai style with shrimp

  • image3

    Raw shrimp with chilli and fish sauce

  • image4

    Deep fried taro fish snack salad

  • image5

    Cabonara spaghetti

  • image6

    Spicy chicken with galangal root in coconut soup

  • image7

    Grilled squid

  • image8

    Fresh mango served with sticky rice drizzled with coconut milk